Understanding The Divorce Process

Divorce is a life-changing time where soon-to-be ex-spouses are not at their best when it comes to making choices that impact the rest of their lives. While many Illinois couples believe that a do-it-yourself approach is the best and more affordable route, that strategy denies people an attorney who can help them through the process.

The Importance Of Retaining The Right Divorce Attorney

Having legal counsel does not mean that a divorce will be an ugly courtroom battle. A skilled, knowledgeable and experienced family lawyer can help set realistic expectations and facilitate what may become a difficult decision-making process that involves:

  • Significant asset division
  • Complex child custody and visitation
  • Contentious child support determinations

The best interests of the children come first when it comes to custody and support. Parenting time no longer automatically favors the mother to be the custodial parent. What is best for children is two active and loving parents co-existing and cooperating in the raising of their children.

In addition to the court's changing views of parental roles, mediation has also evolved into a preferred form of resolution. Negotiation instead of litigation helps to keep the peace, which is particularly important when children are involved. It also helps the process move along faster, allowing all family members to start the next chapters of their lives.

Personalized And Compassionate Legal Advocacy

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